"As a real estate development firm and an investment firm, we own over 29 buildings at a very strategic location in Dubai. We were totally impressed by the professional management of our assets by Footprint Real Estate. They didn’t only provide us with regular research reports which were done to the last detail, but their advisory services have brought us much more profitability compared to any other investors in the same area. We strongly recommend Footprint Real Estate" – CEO of a leading real estate development and investment firm requesting their identity to remain anonymous.
Asset Management
"the market was only speaking of distressed sale as a key word to promote any property. Being an owner of a villa in Emirates Hills, I was astonished to see how Footprint Real Estate never used the word “distressed property” to liquidate my asset on an immediate basis. They did a great campaign for me and represented my property as totally exclusive, selling it 18% above my expectation within a time frame of one month. I feel lucky to have finally found one the best real estate agencies in Dubai" . M.A (high net worth individual and property investor)
"me and my husband moved into Dubai in 2005 and bought multiple properties both off plan and ready during a time period of 3 years until the market collapsed. We had bought 3 properties through Footprint Real Estate out of 17 properties that were part of our portfolio. In the worst of times, Footprint signed off a property management agreement with us which seemed like an additional cost at that time, but today I realize that it was the best ever decision of my life. They not only managed all my properties, but made sure that my profitability increases annually and all my property related issues are timely taken care off. Living in the UK, I literally sit back and relax while they manage everything related to our assets in UAE. I strongly recommend everyone to sign property management with them. They are the best in Dubai without a doubt. " - Kelly Smith (Owner of a property portfolio and UK citizen)
Property Management
"Working with a multinational firm at a senior level, I have to frequently fly and stay out of Dubai while my wife and kids have to stay back due to schooling and multiple other responsibilities. I have been confused for over 3 years hunting for the right place that serves my purpose, which is being close to the office, close to my children school and close to the airport too. I needed a secure family lifestyle while I am away. Footprint was the only agency out of many who actually resolved my problem and have helped me not only source the best home in the best area, but they have taken care of each and every coordination with the landlord as well ensuring that my wife and kids have nothing to worry about including simple things as maintenance, services. If you are looking for renting a home and finding the best solution, Footprint is the answer." - Adeel Ansari (a Pakistani national working with a leading MNC)
"As a real estate developer moving from Qatar to Dubai, we had to face multiple challenges due to lack of information and honest advice. I came across Mr. Ather and Mr. Hamid from Footprint Real Estate who have truly helped us in not only developing the right development, but in creating the right apartment mix, the right payment plan, the marketing collaterals, legal advice and helping us in all the documentation including working with our consultants. I am shocked to see a real estate agency which is so diversified in its services mix and is so professional in everything that they do. Following the advisory services, in 2015 they were able to sell the same project for me in Dubai within two weeks. We have exclusively signed up Footprint Real Estate for the next 5 years for all our upcoming projects, because of the value they bring on the table and their expertise." Managing Director, Megaworld Real Estate.
Development Advisory
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